Understanding the WatchMon - Telemetry - Daily Session History Extract

Administrative screen providing telemetry for the WatchMon supervisor hardware, and how to understand the various fields shown.

Used to retrieve the individual session summary (3650 days ~ 10 years). Method to extract all the records into a file that can be reviewed in a spreadsheet.  Bulk extract to file is available when connected via USB.

Navigate to the screen via the  Telemetry option on the Menu then choosing the Daily History tab and then Extract

Start the extract process


 After processing will show a subset of the collected values

Extracted text file is stored at the following path:

  • My Documents \ Batrium \ Logs \ #Date# \  History_#SysCode#.txt
  • #Date# is today's date
  • #SysCode# is the system code

The file format is appended with fields stored in tab delimited columns.

  • LogID             #
  • LogDate          yyyy-MM-dd
  • LogTime          HH:mm:ss
  • CriticalEvents   #
  • MinCellVolt      Volt
  • MaxCellVolt     Volt
  • MinThermal     ºC
  • MaxThermal    ºC
  • MinSoc           % Percent
  • MaxSoc          % Percent
  • MinShuntVolt    Volt
  • MaxShuntVolt   Volt
  • MinSupplyVolt  Volt
  • MaxSupplyVolt Volt
  • PeakAmpCharge  Amp
  • PeakAmpDischg   Amp
  • CumulAhCharge   Ah
  • CumulAhDischg    Ah
  • SocBand-A    hour
  • SocBand-B    hour
  • SocBand-C    hour
  • SocBand-D    hour
  • SocBand-E    hour
  • SocBand-F    hour
  • SocBand-G    hour
  • SocBand-H    hour
  • ThermalBand-A   hour
  • ThermalBand-B   hour
  • ThermalBand-C   hour
  • ThermalBand-D   hour
  • ThermalBand-E   hour
  • ThermalBand-F   hour
  • ThermalBand-G   hour
  • ThermalBand-H   hour
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