How to control a Brusa NLG6 charger with a WatchMon

Adopting the Brusa NLG6 charger can be configured as follows within the WatchMon supervisor. It may be necessary to run a BridgeConnect with the twin canbus ports running in pass-through mode to provide ground isolation from the traction battery supply and WatchMon ground reference.

CAUTION:  Example below has values shown for a demo LiFePO4 cell pack, ensure you adopt values suitable to your application.

Step 1 - Install communication cable to charger via CAN port on WatchMon.

For newer WatchMon (note 120 Ohm resistor shares CANbus High and CANbus Low

For older WatchMon with 4 pin CAN see below

Step 2 - Install communication cable to Brusa NLG6 Charger charger wiring socket.

NB: Add 120ohm terminating resistor to charging plug.

Step 3 - Navigate to Hardware, then Integration tab.

Step 4 - Select Canbus protocol to "Brusa NLG6 Charger" and Save.

Step 5 - Navigate to Control Logic, then Charging tab.

Step 6 - Adjust the charging control logic to suit the application.


  • Low power must be enabled.
  • Cell Hi Cutout should be above the CellMon bypass voltage threshold as a safe guard target.
  • Low power current should suit the bypass capability of CellMon.
  • When the bypass current is above Initial will trigger the system to low power.
  • When the bypass current for all CellMons is above Final the system will complete charging cycle.

Step 7 - Navigate to Hardware, then CellMon tab.

Step 8 - Adjust the CellMon bypass voltage to suit the application.

Note: Make sure to "Device Sync" to update the changes to the CellMons.

Step 9 - Navigate to the Remote tab on the Control Logic screen.

Step 10 - Adjust the remote charging target to suit the application.

In this example below the voltage was set to 310.8 volts, current to 4 amps and limited to 0.5 amps during balancing


  • Scaling must be 10  for both voltage, current and power.
  • Low power must be enabled on charging tab.
  • Low power current should suit the bypass capability of CellMon.
  • Charger voltage target needs to be sufficient for all cells to reach bypass threshold.

Step 11 - Navigate to Telemetry, then Live Stats to observe system operation.

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