How to control a Brusa NLG5 charger with a WatchMon

Photo of Fan-Cooled Brusa NLG5 charger

Photo of Liquid-Cooled Brusa NLG5 charger

CAUTION: Only undertake if you have access to Brusa technical support as this product is not trivial to get operational.

Adopting the Brusa NLG5 charger can be configured as follows within the WatchMon supervisor. It may be necessary to run a BridgeConnect with the twin canbus ports running in pass-through mode to provide ground isolation from the traction battery supply and WatchMon ground reference.

CAUTION:  Example below has values shown for a demo LiFePO4 cell pack, ensure you adopt values suitable to your application.

Step 1 - Install communication cable to charger via CAN port on WatchMon.

For newer WatchMon (note 120 Ohm resistor shares CANbus High and CANbus Low

For older WatchMon with 4 pin CAN see below

Step 2 - Install communication cable to Brusa NLG5 charger wiring socket.

NB: Add 120ohm terminating resistor to charging plug.

Step 3 - Navigate to Hardware, then Integration tab.

Step 4 - Select Canbus protocol to "Brusa NLG5 Charger" and Save.

Step 5 - Navigate to Control Logic, then Charging tab.

Step 6 - Adjust the charging control logic to suit the application.


  • Limited power must be enabled.
  • Cell Hi Cutout should be above the CellMon bypass voltage threshold as a safe guard target.
  • Low power current should suit the bypass capability of CellMon.
  • When the bypass current is above Initial will trigger the system to low power.
  • When the bypass current for all CellMons is above Final the system will complete charging cycle.

Step 7 - Navigate to Hardware, then CellMon tab.

Step 8 - Adjust the CellMon bypass voltage to suit the application.

Note: Make sure to "Device Sync" to update the changes to the CellMons.

Step 9 - Navigate to the Remote tab on the Control Logic screen.

Step 10 - Adjust the remote charging target to suit the application. 

In this example below the voltage was set to 310.8 volts, current to 4 amps and limited to 0.5 amps during balancing


  • Scaling must be 10 for both voltage, current and power.
  • Low power must be enabled on charging tab.
  • Low power current should suit the bypass capability of CellMon.
  • Charger voltage target needs to be sufficient for all cells to reach bypass threshold.

Step 11 - Navigate to Telemetry, then Live Stats to observe system operation.

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