SUPPORT - How to Help Us to Help You

Most of the common questions, installation and troubleshooting procedures have already been documented in our  FAQ - Support page.

How do you help us help you....

1 - Snapshot Report - a snapshot gives us an overview of the configuration you are using so we can see if there is anything in the setup that might be effecting it and doesn't match the pictures.  We only need the most recent manual extract Snapshot report file attached to the email.

2 - Send us PHOTOS of the system (zoom in on the wiring so we can see colour etc and trace the communication path). Short videos are welcome too.

3 - Brief description of your system:

  • WatchMon4 with ShuntMon2 or WatchMon1 with Sendyne Shunt?
  • What battery chemistry/model and cell monitor are you using?
  • Electric Vehicle or Energy Storage? Is this connected or communicating via CAN bus to an INVERTER, what model?

4 - Find a Date & Time that is suitable and book an appointment here:

Please note that Calendly will show YOU the time in YOUR timezone when making the booking.

MAKE SURE YOU BOOK YOUR CALL AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE PLEASE.  Time zones mean we could be asleep and will not be able to respond instantly. . We hope you understand.

5 - Make sure the computer has Speaker & Microphone, we will need this to talk to you during the session. If you don't speak English, consider an alternative translation tool so we can chat during the session. 

6 - Make sure the computer has a good and Strong Internet Connection, this will avoid problems during the remote session -  Check your Wifi coverage

7 - We will only remote to your machine when someone is present monitoring the system, this is a basic safety requirement as we will be editing the configurations troubleshooting trying to understand and fix the problem.  We use Zoom or equivalent.

8 - Email all the information above to please allow us some time to respond as we are processing many emails.

A security feature of the software to protect against people being able to activate video or microphones without the end users awareness.  You must turn on the microphone as there is no way to activate this from the remote side.

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